Replace your Stainless Steel Housing with all New Polyfilt 3.0

Posted by Preety Paranjape on 14/39/2021

Polyfilt Blog_polyfiltPolyfilt 3.0 Now Offers Higher Pressure and Flow Rates.

6 Bar 11 Bar Upto 54
Operating Pressure Hydrotest Pressure m³/hour Flow Rate

The all new and improved third generation Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) filter housings from Gopani have excellent resistance to UV and atmospheric oxygen. The Polyfilt bag filter housings and the cartridge filter housings are now powered with increased operating pressure, better hydro pressure, and higher flow rate.

Made from 100% PVC material Polyfilt 3.0 can most effectively replace your stainless-steel filter housing and work like a dream in corrosive and harsh operating conditions.

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Polyfilt CF - Gopani Housings

Polyfilt CF

Polyfilt BF Gopani Housings

Polyfilt BF

Rust proof PVC Cartridge Filter Housings to Replace Stainless Steel Housings in challenging operating conditions Corrosion resistant PVC Bag Filter Housings with wide chemical compatibility to Replace Stainless Steel Housings


Pair the Filter Housings with Highly Durable Bag Filters and Cartridge Filters

If you wish to replace your old and rusty stainless-steel housings with extremely sturdy and durable PVC filter housings or you wish to order the best quality consumables for existing filter systems them please write to us.

You may also schedule a suitable meeting time with our experts to discuss your requirements and find a suitable product.

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