5 Reasons Why Pre-Filtration Using Compatible Filter Systems is a Smart Choice?

Posted by Preety Paranjape on 19/49/2021


A Correctly Selected and Sized Prefilter Protects the Expensive RO Membranes and Increases their Service Life.

Here are 5 Reasons Why – Using Compatible Prefilters is a Smart Choice:

Removal of Suspended Solids to Protect Against Membrane Fouling
Achieving Low SDI to Protect Against Membrane Fouling
Bacteria Removal to Prevent Biofouling of the Membranes
Lower Operating Expense of the System
Reduced Capital Expense

We are very current with our technology, and we can help our clients achieve higher level of pre-treatment by spending lower amount of money

Explore the Complete Range of Prefiltration Systems and Consumables:

Oil Removal Filters and Systems by Gopani

Oil Removal Filters and Systems

Remove oil and grease from contaminated liquids like paints, wastewater, plating solutions, and produced fluids.

ClarySEA Non-Corrosive Housings

ClarySEA Non-Corrosive Housings

FRP filter housings suitable for prefiltration in desalination plants, and brackish water filtration.

Clary-T High Flow Housing by Gopani

Clary-T High Flow Housing

Suitable for water treatment, Power generation, and general industrial application.

Pair them up with equally good quality String Wound, Melt Blown and Pleated Cartridge Filter Variants

String Wound Cartridge Filters Melt Blown Cartridge Filters Pleated Cartridge Filters
String Wound Cartridge Filter Melt Blown Cartridge Filter Pleated Cartridge Filter

These consumables will effectively filter all the sediments and suspended solids and reduce the stress on your expensive membranes, to prevent them from fouling frequently.

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